The Music


Produced by Yoko Kanno
Words by Brian Richy
Vocal by Emily Bindiger

Been a fool, been a clown
Lost my way from up and down
AAnd I know, yes I know
And I see in your eyes
That you really weren't surprised at me at all
Not at All
And I know by your smile it's you

Don't care for me, don't cry
Let's say goodbye, adieu.
It's time to say goodbye... I know that in time
It will just fade away, it's time to say goodbye.

I stand alone and watch you fade away like clouds
High up and in the sky
I'm strong, and so cold
As I stand alone
Goodbye, so long, adieu

*Oh how I love you so, lost in these memories
And now you've gone
I feel the pain, feeling like a fool... adieu

**My love for you burns deep
Inside me, so strong
Embers of times we had
And now, here I stand, lost in a memory
I see your face and smile.