The Characters

  • Name: Electra Ovilo¬†
  • Birthday:
  • Age:
  • Sign:
  • Blood Type:
  • Height:
  • Seiyuu (Jpn): Ai KOBAYASHI¬†
  • Seiyuu (Eng):
Electra is a woman who is also chasing down Vincent in the Cowboy Bebop movie, and she runs into Spike several times. She does not appear in the TV series. Spike thinks she is pretty hot. However Electra can only focus on Vincent, and she chases him for her own reasons, even though technically she is working with a large chemical company. She has ties to Vincent in the past, a former life, really, and she wants to get to Vincent before the authorities do. She is a really good fighter, both with guns and hand-to-hand combat, even though Spike is still able to get the better of her in one fight. Electra's attitude is tough and strong, yet emotional at the same time. I liked her a lot.