The Characters

Jet Black
  • Name: Jet Black 
  • Birthday: December 3
  • Age: 36
  • Sign: Sagittarius
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 188cm
  • Seiyuu (Jpn): Unshou Ishizuka
  • Seiyuu (Eng):
Jet Black is one of the few people that Spike Spiegel trusts. He is Spike's partner in bounty hunting. Jet seems to be in charge of the piloting of the Bebop, and has been seen piloting Spike's Swordfish II when bailing Spike out of trouble. Jet is also a former ISSP (a space police force) before becoming a bounty hunter, and will often use his contacts still on the police force to get onfo on the criminals they are after . He has some sort of a cybernetic arm, and some more circuitry on his right eye. How did he get these? Did it have something to do with his past as a police officer? Even Spike doesn't know how Jet lost his real arm and why he has a cybernetic one. The origin of his need for the cybernetics is revealed during the series, but I won't spoil it for you :) Jet's nickname is the "Black Dog" because once he gets his teeth into something, he never lets go.
Another randome note, Jet apparently does all the cooking aboard the Bebop, as Spike is usually too busy watching Big Shot or practicing his martial arts to do any 'chores'. Another hobby of Jet's is tending and maintaining little bonsai trees. Jet is the older, more mature and level-headed member of the bebop crew. The Bebop really belongs to him, in fact. Just like Spike has his Swordfish II, and Faye has her Redtail, Jet also has a smaller craft than the Bebop that he can pilot when going down to planet level. His ship is called the Hammerhead.
Jet's life is filled with lost loves, old partners, and past betrayals. In this way he reminds me of Spike. During the course of the series, he settles most of the old business from his past that is haunting him, or at least finds resolutions.