The Characters

  • Name: Vicious¬†
  • Birthday:
  • Age: 27
  • Sign:
  • Blood Type:
  • Height:
  • Seiyuu (Jpn): Wakamoto Norio¬†
  • Seiyuu (Eng):
One of the few plot threads that runs through Cowboy Bebop is Spike's relationship with the man called Vicious. Vicious is a badass villain who is out to get Spike for personal reasons. He is tall and thin, with shoulder length grayish hair and a sour expression. He always wears black and carries a sword as his weapon of choice. On his shoulder sits this huge bird that he takes everywhere. In a fight, Spike and Vicious seem to be pretty evenly matched. Perhaps this is because they share a past together. Apparently he and Spike were both once members of the Red Dragon Mafia group. They were partners and took care of Red Dragon Business together. But then a mysterious woman named Julia came on the scene and things between Spike and Vicious changed. There seems to have been some rivalry over Julia which made their friendship turn sour. It is very difficult to determine what exactly happened because all we get are brief glimpses of their past in Spike's flashback memories.
While Spike managed to get out of the Red Dragons three years previous to Cowboy Bebop's beginning, Vicious is still a member and is looking to take over. Spike left the group by 'dying', however Vicious knows about Spike's deception and has finally tracked him down. Vicious is a ruthless killer, and NOT someone you want to have after you! He definitely lives up to his name!